Spiro Gougoulis

I am an Australian lawyer admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Western Australia and I reside in Perth. I am the Managing Director of Tryangle Consultancy which is based in Perth and has extended internationally.  As a career public servant with over 28 years in Government (mostly in the Justice arena) my qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in clinical psychology, a Bachelor of Psychology and a Doctor of Law (JD). I have attained accreditation as a victim-offender mediator via the Supreme Court of Western Australia and am also LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution) trained. 

I have held various esteemed positions within State Government, including as Manager of the State-wide Victim-offender Mediation Unit, in which I played an integral role since its establishment in 1992.  I began as the Unit’s chief training officer and conducted the first successful court referred victim-offender mediation in the State of Western Australia.  Since then, I have successfully mediated over 500 matters throughout my career.

I was later the Secretary/Manager of the Parole Board of Western Australia, the Supervised Released Review Board and the Mentally Impaired Defendants Review Board.  I then secured a role as Deputy Director of Compliance for the Courts system of Western Australia and following this, became Manager of Strategic Procurement in the Justice Department specialising in contract negotiation, implementation and compliance. I have also held the position of Assistant Director of Administrative Law in the Western Australian Government's Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

I have demonstrated expertise in the application and interpretation of legislation, drafting contracts and associated correspondence and documentation.  In my capacity as a legal advisor within Government, I have negotiated with clients at all levels and given advice on high level legal, policy, legislative and contractual matters. In addition, I have also assisted parties in the interpretation and negotiation of contracts within legislative guidelines, and the administration of complex estate related matters (in the overall context of negotiating and managing mediated outcomes).

 In my dealings with people with diverse backgrounds, I also consider it essential in all situations to possess a sound understanding of cultural mores, customs, attitudes and values including language barriers.  I have on numerous occasions been required to demonstrate sensitivity in dealing with people of all walks and backgrounds.  Also of significance is the ability to take into account such issues as gender stereotypes and ensure effective interpersonal interaction.

I have also consulted internationally on matters relating to the sale and acquisition of soft commodities to include by-products of oil and gas, the procurement of property, consumables and commercial matters to name but a few.  I am also fluent in Greek.

My expertise lies in the area of alternative dispute resolution, particularly in the area of victim-offender mediation, therapeutic jurisprudence and negotiating outcomes. I am particularly skilled in contract negotiations and as a lawyer, posses the ability to grasp concepts quickly, interpret them effectively and efficiently and refine the issues in order to attain the best possible outcomes for my clients.  I am also proficient in liquor licensing laws and applications to the Industry.